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Empower Your Family with Human Values, 2

The 5 Human Values are Love, Peace,  Truth, Right Conduct and Non-Violence.


Right conduct might be doing the right thing depending on your role
in life, as well as doing your duty or doing what needs to be done. As the
saying goes, it is a tough job, but someone needs to do it.
Love has other values contained within it, such as kindness,
compassion, and empathy.


Peace can include patience, open communication, less verbal
violence toward each other, et cetera.
Truth can include being honest and speaking your own truth.
Nonviolence can include less cursing and being kind to yourself and
others. Nonviolence as a feeling is peace, and in speech, it is truth.
Parents can sit down with their children and discuss together how
they feel about these five values and how they, as a family, can apply
these and other values. This can be done in a manner that suits your
family lifestyle.


Those families that actively invest in applying human values
experience more happiness and fulfilment in all areas of their
lives. I personally know of several schools in the UK, India and in
the Netherlands that explicitly apply the five human values in their
curriculum. All staff, parents, and children have reported that student
behaviour has improved at school and at home, the number of dropouts
has decreased, and the grades have gone up compared to previous years
prior to the HV courses. Institutes in the UK, Denmark, Thailand,
India, and elsewhere also teach human values.


In my own Love and Law workshops, I also apply human values
as part of the training, and year after year, all parents report vast
improvement in the behaviour of their children, immense drops in
stress levels of all involved, and a marked improvement in the academic
performances of the children. Experience and research also show that
children function better at school, have fewer quarrels, are bullied less,
and have better grades. Isn’t this what everybody wants?
Here are some of my favourite examples of people who embody
human values. What names would you add to discuss within your

• Nelson Mandela
• Oprah Winfrey
• The Dalai Lama
• Muhammad Yunus of the
Grameen Bank
• Mother Teresa
• Martin Luther King Jr.
• Sai Baba


They stood for human values – for compassion, doing the right
thing, being there for others, patience, nonviolence, love, and service to
mankind. Insight only becomes wisdom when you know how to apply
it in your daily life and in parenting.

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