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Parenting Expertise

      Parenting Experts!   I recently attended a wonderful Conference, related to Parenting and Life Skills. Many inspiring speakers made all the Participants aware of the need for Life Skills. During my second talk I pointed out the Importance of the need for a new Educational Paradigm. Related to this, this blog is [...]

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Conscious Parenting do’s and dont’s

    Parenting is all about CONSCIOUS Behaviour. Children learn from all that we do. Being Conscious is the key to being Successful as a Parent. It is a lovely day, and next to me is a Parent with two young Children, one still a baby, and one around 3 years of age. The little [...]

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HO HO HO Parenting@Christ-mas

HO HO HO A Christmas Message Once upon a time on planet earth there lived the strangest race. Much of what they produced, consumed and did was damaging to their planet. The people had the most amazing capacity for love, sacrifice, tenderness and emotion. They loved songs of heartache and something called cinema, moving pictures [...]

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Open letter to Oprah

  Dear Oprah, I am a huge fan of your work and a soul buddy. What troubles me is this: Your show has a range of excellent Parenting experts who do wonderful work, yet they all have the Dr. title. Why is it that even on your shows you continue to mirror our (profoundly sick) [...]

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Being a busy mom!

BUSY BUSY BUSY, always busy!   Lets face it Motherhood and Parenting is also tough and challenging     7´´ sins´´ that every mother secretly has 1. "I am so embarrassed ' A child who whines for a bar of chocolate in the supermarket, with the pants at the ankles at the restaurant, hopping towards [...]

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Sexuality and Parenting

    Sexuality and Parenting Sexuality is for many such a diffcult subject, - or even taboo- so i always hesitate before writing about it.   Yet, as Parents we must be willing to at least be aware of Teenagers and Sexuality, and ideally-open to the possibility of talking to your Children and Teenagers about [...]

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Parenting Styles 3

Be willing to consider that the partner you have problems with may still be a good parent for your child. Furthermore, it is of the utmost importance that parents agree about their parenting methods  and Parenting style ! In the case of divorced parents, this is even more important. Regrettably, most parents end up fighting [...]

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Parenting Styles 2

    Making choices There are plenty of examples of children and even of whole generations that have been raised by authoritarian and/or permissive parenting. They illustrate all too well what the far-reaching consequences of parenting are. Take, for instance, the emotional trauma of so many of the previous generations that were raised by strict [...]

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Parenting Styles

Parenting Styles:   The Importance of Authoritative Parenting     ‘And they lived happily ever after…’ Thus all fairy tales end, and it is a fitting finale to the essence of your life as a parent. Almost all parents want their children to be happy. They want them to have good jobs, develop themselves, have [...]

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Parenting and sexuality 2

Teenagers and Sexuality   How do we as Parents deal with Teenagers and Sexuality? It seems, that to a large extent, the issue and the way that it is dealt with varies enormously from one culture to another. Related to culture we can note tremendous National and Religious differences, in how Parents treat Human Sexuality. [...]

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