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BUSY BUSY BUSY, always busy!


Lets face it

Motherhood and Parenting is also tough and challenging



7´´ sins´´ that every mother secretly has

1. “I am so embarrassed ‘

A child who whines for a bar of chocolate in the supermarket, with the pants at the ankles at the restaurant, hopping towards the bathroomn, or a child who blatantly wipes his pants: it shames you as a mom. One consolation: it really is every mother’s reality and no big deal, so being embarrassed is understandable but not necessary.

2. “I want a tidy house ‘

Of course it is nice for the kids that they can play carefree in the house. But that does not mean you are never secretly dreaming of a house where the seats are not stained with leftover baked beans, windows where the little hands do not show, and wallpaper without pen strokes. But hey, children are naturally going to grow up, so the tidy house will really come. At some point.

3. “What would I give to have a night alone ‘

How often do you fantasize about a night on the sofa with your feet up high, a glass of sauvignon blanc, a cheese board and a delicious romcom. With an emphasis on fantasizing … because doing any of this during ´´rush hour´´ ? Mission impossible!
4. “I want new shoes’

Jake who really needs new football boots, Anne who no longer fits into her riding pants and the big toe of Marie almost peeping out of her shoes: children growing up fast, making your dream pumps find their way to the bottom of the list. Perhaps beg for a new pair? Nothing ventured …

5. “I just want to sleep ‘

With all the love you step out of bed on Sunday morning at seven to join your daughter to watch the adventures of Dora, but with just as much love you had turned around again in that bed. Indeed, you would kill for a sleep in. In a manner of speaking.

6. “Mommy, who’s mommy?”

“Mom, where’s my purse?” “Mom, what time do we eat?” “Mom, can you help me with homework?” “Mom, what are we going to do today ?” Would not it be nice to answer all those questions with “Mom? I have no idea who that is … ”

7. “Let’s hire a cook ‘

Your lover who refuses to taste the spinach dish but also, your son who goes on a hunger strike immediately as soon as the sauerkraut is served and your daughter that cringes for a whole list of vegetables. Yes, sometimes you would like to have a cook behind your stove who every day in accordance with all restrictions manages to put a great meal on the table.


” Motherhood is quite exhausting ” says Sienna Miller.

Yes! Motherhood is not quite exhausting, motherhood is mega exhausting! Says Erik R. Robertson, author of Oops! The Parenting Handbook

That is why it so important to be aware of all the aspects related to the handling of your own limits and those of your child.

Fatigue for example has everything to do with borders, although fatigue of course has much to do with all the tasks that you as a mother / parent need to be able to do in a rapidly changing society.

Furthermore, most mothers consciously or unconsciously compare themselves with Hollywood mothers whom employ an army of Nanny’s.

So, be gentle with your self all you wonderful mom´s out there!



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