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Oops! The Parenting HandbookOOPS! The Parenting Handbook

Oops! The Parenting Handbook empowers you to be the best parent you can be.

Oops! is there for you!

Timeless wisdom (and practical tools) for parents with kids in all age groups.

Oops! has a unique concept, and its advice contains the essence of all best parenting practices and methods.

This parenting handbook has proven to enable parents to turn their parenting into all they dream of.

Oops! Is full of support, loving guidance, and practical, down-to-earth tools.

For parents with children in all age groups. Excellent for parents-to-be, as it prepares you really well.

My fifteen years of parenting practice has shown me that parents are extremely well equipped to be great parents, because you love your child(ren)! Couple that with the skills and tips I share with you, and you are good to go.


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Oops! The Parenting Handbook

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Endorsements for Oops!…

Erik R Robertson, with his extensive experience and expertise in counseling, offers practical, easy to follow solutions to help parents bond with their children better in a simple, pleasurable, yet rewarding manner. His system of using warm as well as strong guidance will help both families in crisis and families who want to avoid troubles. He brings practical knowledge for new age parents in the form of amusing anecdotes, Action Plans, and Points to Ponder. Thus, an immensely readable book is also a workbook, a toolkit, that will help all parents understand the principles of raising happy children into confident adults, who know how to live in and develop positive relationships with those around them.
DR. ROMA KUMAR, MBBS, MA, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Ganga Ram Hospital; Founder Saksham, psycho-educational services for children with special needs
Erik R. Robertson’s ¡Ooops! a Toolkit for Parents is a refreshingly different, practical parenting toolkit from infancy to adolescence, with a baseline of values and a touch of spirituality, in just over a 100 pages! Rather than providing a pure discourse in psychology, Robertson jogs up what we already knew ‘intuitively’ as caregivers but was hidden under layers of cultural conditioning. He tries to brush off these layers to tell us – hey! Trust yourself, and pass that trust to your children. With you ‘love’ and ‘law’, they’ll do just fine.
V.K. PARSAI, Family Psychotherapist, Member Executive Body of the Indian Association for Family Therapy