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Money and Children

The most important Parenting tip in the area of Money and Children is: Communicate to your children your values about money. Since our childhood to a large degree determines our later (married) adult life, it is important to be clear about what we would like our children to develop in terms of their financial life. [...]

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Parenting Tips On Time Or money?

Many Parenting issues are about time and money, either too much of one, too little of the other, or lack of both. Most Parents nowadays are always busy. Most families are almost always busy. That's because we allow our lives to be dominated and determined by what popular culture and so called social media tell [...]

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  • Parenting and Christmas

Parenting and Christmas!

It’s not (only) about the toys. But more about this further on in the blog. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year; is what we all keep telling each other. Interestingly the emphasis on both is on joy. When I look back on the way most Christmases are spent in the west, I would observe that [...]

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Punishment Or Consequences?

The word punishment is so fraught with negative connotations and associations that I am almost nervous using it. However, if we are to discuss successful Parenting and if you want Parenting tips on how to be a loving and effective Parent we must look at this difficult aspect of Parenting. Break the rules and face [...]

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Parenting Tips!

Many times as a Parent you feel the need to go looking for parenting tips. If only to get some reassurance: yes, I am not alone, yes all moms go ballistic when they have not slept for several nights and their partner wants sex instead of just holding you, yes it is natural for me [...]

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