When we think of Education we typically think of school and college.

However, all Education begins at home!

The child’s first 5 years are crucial. Said differently: the child is pretty much formed during the first 5 years of their life. So, excluding children who go to day care and/or kindergarten, the main part of this sacred task lies on your shoulders as parents.

Grandparents of course will also be able to play a big part here. Ideally they are wise in ways of the world, have gained some insights into character and lack of it! So, they are (also) very well suited to help the young ones develop (their) character, partly by being a good example. Also grandparents can be a great source of Parenting tips for their own children who are now Parents themselves.

The main issue is: What is that often elusive thing that we call Character?

Some seen to be born with it, many are not, and others spend a lifetime developing it.

Nelson Mandela had, so did Abe Lincoln, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and many others. Does Bernie Madoff have it? Or do Rihanna, ‘’The Wolf of Wall street’’, most Bankers and Car Salesmen have it? You decide. And yes there are of course great car salesman and bankers out there as well.

Character development starts with ourselves.

We can only be a good example and let our own good character shine forth, thus inspiring our Children to do the same.

How then to develop character?character

  • Community service is a great way to develop character. And not just when the media or others are looking on, but on a regular basis.
  • Another –these days unpopular adage is- Happiness is not doing what you like, Happiness is liking what you have to do.
  • Having your thoughts, words and deeds in harmony is another –often difficult- way to develop character.
  • Speaking the truth works, loving all is key, doing your duty and being nonviolent, all are pathways to that goal; Character.

If character and goodness are lost, all is lost. You have but to look around you anywhere in the world to see countless sad examples of this!

Fortunately there are also many examples of Character.

Twenty Strategies to Help Your Children Develop Good Character

Think of the brave Pakistani school girl who risked death- and almost died defending the rights of girls to go to school!

I wish you happy Parenting and please remember this key Parenting tip:

The End of Education is Character!

Parenting is not an easy job! To increase your children’s chances for success, check out my Parenting Handbook here!