Parenting is all about CONSCIOUS Behaviour.

Children learn from all that we do.

Being Conscious is the key to being Successful as a Parent.

It is a lovely day, and next to me is a Parent with two young Children, one still a baby, and one around 3 years of age.

The little baby gets an ice cream on a stick. The baby is 7 months of age….

Most if not all doctors advise to give ice cream only after the age of 1…so i was a bit surprised.

Anyway, we had a nice chat, and i refrained from commenting.

Everytime the Parent tried to remove the stick the baby would yell and scream. I commented that the baby was only voicing what we think as adults yet is more honest in expressing.

What i really admired and respected in this Parent was the calm and relaxed demeanor ! Attitude and vibe is key when dealing with Children!

Meanwhile the other child shows up and drops her used stick on the ground, the Parent says you should pick that up, then ignores the fact that the child does not, and later picks it up for the child. As such that was a noble thing to do..however, what it teaches is not good: in other words i will pick up after you, my words and admonitions to you carry no weight and no consequences as i will cover for you anyway.


On the other hand , i get the behavior, you want your child to be happy.  You do not want to be a grumpy Parent. That is a good thing, but it is a bad thing when it turns into a default setting that has Pedagocical disadvantages.


So, it is all about Conscious Parenting, being aware of your choices and motivations.

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