A Christmas Message

Once upon a time on planet earth there lived the strangest race.
Much of what they produced, consumed and did was damaging to their planet.
The people had the most amazing capacity for love, sacrifice, tenderness and emotion. They loved songs of heartache and something called cinema, moving pictures depicting other people’s lives. They loved to explore, play, make exciting inventions, talk and share ideas.
On the other hand there was never peace. There was always a war going on somewhere and they glorified their wars they called world war one, world war two, or another horror period: the great depression, as if there was any greatness to that.
There were hundreds of millions of children and women being sold as sex slaves, millions were addicted to drugs/alcohol and violence was often a way of life.

Despite their brains being capable of great intelligence and capabilities, they let themselves be manipulated by people called politicians, whom for the most part worked as paid for representatives of the military industrial complex. Greed was glorified and preyed upon. So called religions fought each other.
Materialism was rampant. This for the most part excessive materialism manifested at a time they called Christmas. Christ- Mas, supposedly a time to celebrate an enlightened man who lived on earth some 2000 years prior to the time of our tale.

This (Jesus) Christ was a gentle and rebellious soul who pointed out the hypocrisy of the rulers of that age, – the wealthy and the clerical. He preached love for each other, our planet and the animals that inhabit it.
He certainly did not go around shopping all day for (for the most part useless-) gifts!
Nonetheless the people on planet earth spend days eating way too much food, shop for weeks to give each other presents(this goes only for the rich elite and the middle classes, and ‘’of course’’ not for the poor slave workers whom go hungry). On the up side large groups of people who call themselves religious people gather and sing songs glorifying Jesus Christ and so on.
But for the so called ‘’non religious’’ people it is all about gluttony and excessive gifts.
Research research shows that the average west European child has $ 5.000 or € 5.000 (yes five thousand Dollars or Euros) worth of UNUSED toys in their room! Obviously the figures will be the same in the USA. Obviously these people were profoundly weird. On the one hand all these unused toys, on the other giving to ‘’charity’’-knowing that about 5 to 10 % of the collected money actually reaches those who it was meant for.

So…why all this ‘’ho-ho-ho’’ and Christmas cheer!
I am all for enjoying the good things this planet has to offer, and appreciate things of beauty!
But , for the sake of our Children and this planet let us reconsider how we spend Christ-mas and how we could spend it.
How about for starters we make it a standard Christ-mas practice that our Children give AWAY a present to a child in poverty in their neighborhood/city.
The Parents give away a piece of clothing to a charity organization.
If possible, like many spiritual groups already do- make meals for the homeless. Be of service to society.
Then go and enjoy good food and give each other gifts, and practice some moderation with the gifts. If as an adult you have an Iphone 6 worth 600 or 900 dollars you do not give your child the right message by giving them one too just because marketers or peer pressure suggest it is ‘’normal’’.
Children and teenagers benefit tremendously by learning the value of money and the need to work for something. Spoiling them too much financially deprives them of the chance to learn that lesson and lines them up to become dependent wage slaves.

I wish you a Peaceful Loving Christmas ( Jesus is aptly called Prince of Peace), and a conscious 2016!

Erik R. Robertson