Empower your Family with Human Values




Human Values include the crucial value of Thruth.




As for truth and honesty, here is a rather shocking example from a
survey called ‘Parents bribe their kids’, in the United Kingdom (http://
www.ukparentslounge. com/According-to-a-survey-Parents-bribetheir-
kids-to-keep-secrets-3184.php#.UciXE5wSpc8). Average (English)
parents ask their children to keep something a secret 83 times a year! The
most used reason to ask for something to be kept a secret was keeping
a gift for another family member a secret and lying about a child’s
age in order to save money. At least five per cent of the interviewed
parents admitted that they had asked their children to keep quiet about
breaking the law. Most parents admitted to bribing their children up to
$200 cash and $250 in gifts annually to guarantee their silence!


The top 10 reasons for asking children to lie are …

A future gift (54 per cent)

Lying about their age for a discount (26 per cent)


Staying up too late (22 per cent)

Eating junk food or candy (16 per cent)


Extravagant purchases (13 per cent)

Lying about their age at the movies (9 per cent)


Breaking the other parent’s rules (8 per cent)



Breaking something at home (7 per cent)



Breaking the law (5 per cent)


Damaging the car (3 per cent)



These results are quite disturbing, specifically when you relate them
to the power of our behaviour and setting a good example. You can be
sure that many parents have sugar-coated answers so that they do not
come out looking too bad.


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