The quality of our parenting today will determine the future of our great nation.

This means that our Parenting has a moral aspect to it and may or may not have a Spiritual or Religious implication.

So what does this mean?

It means that we are responsible as parents, not only for this current world, but even more so for the future as our children will in turn be responsible for that world.  So how do we best go about giving shape and sustenance to that Moral Obligation? It can be useful and effective to consciously think about what values you would like your Children to have.

Parents with different opinions on Morals and Values!

If you have a partner it is very important to explicitly share your thoughts regarding the above. Your opinions, values and morals may be in sync, but more often than not, they may diverge and even be opposing in nature.morals

If the opinions and goals differ, then you need to go about finding common ground, as children can also learn from their parents, even when they do not see eye to eye on all matters regarding Values and Morals.

So often we want our Children to be Great! It’s much better to hope for Good Children.

The World does not need more great men and women; it is in dire need of good men and women. Just think of Enron, Madoff and all the other countless crimes committed annually in the Corporate World. Will there be as many if we create a New World of Moral, Good and Just individuals? Children, and later on adults who uphold Human Values, and who give more importance to Human Values than Financial Values?

The latter regrettably still being upheld as the highest good.

Isn’t peace the highest good? Ask anyone in a refugee camp anywhere in the world, ask any of our hundreds of thousands of veterans and they will all answer, Yes in the affirmative!

In the recent movie “The wolf of Wall street’’, if it were not so x-rated and explicit in the indulgence of those individuals, it would make for excellent cautionary viewing. Greed is not good, it will kill you and all that you hold dear. For some reason that lesson keeps coming up to late.

Let us join hands and pledge that as Parents, we will strive to create a new Generation of Wonderful Good Children!

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