It is my immense pleasure to announce the launch of


This book is compiled by best seller author Dr. Jose Gomez and I have written a Chapter on Marriage and Parenting.

Furthermore more than 40 experts share their knowledge and insights in this wonderful new free eBook.

In our fast paced times the Institute of Marriage, our Relationships and our Parenting are often under a great deal of duress and stress. Worldwide more than 50% of marriages lead to divorce, there are even countries were the divorce rate is afflicting more than 60% of all marriages! These are disturbing facts, and the impact of divorce upon children is something that comes at a very high price: research shows us that children and teenagers develop all kinds of emotional and learning disorders, it leads to substance abuse, eating disorders, depression, suicide and so on.

In order to effectively strengthen your self, your partner or spouse, and your children , these experts have shared their extensive knowledge and experience with you in this free eBook.

These proven tips and advice will support, inspire and empower you to make your relationship, your marriage, your upbringing into all that you need and want it to be.

It is my experience that Families and Parents who apply my proven advice and methodology grow into happy successful Families. It is my mission to Inspire, Support and Empower you to make your life all that you need and want it to be.


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