Dear Oprah, I am a huge fan of your work and a soul buddy.
What troubles me is this:

Your show has a range of excellent Parenting experts who do wonderful work, yet they all have the Dr. title.
Why is it that even on your shows you continue to mirror our (profoundly sick) society’s obsession with academic titles and specifically Dr. titles!?
This is so old school!
There is nothing these experts with their Dr. titles share in terms of knowledge that I and my colleagues without that title do not also share. (except of course for any specific academic knowledge about for instance medical facts)
In fact I would even pass any fake modesty and claim that in my work I add more value due to the following:


On the one hand I am not limited by my ‘’extensive knowledge’’, it is not without reason I call PHD : Permanent Head Damage .
I ofcourse respect their knowledge and do not pretend to even come close to knowing anything about their specific studies in for instance the medical field, but that is not my point.


On the other hand I have been able to extensively develop my intuitive faculties, which, -because in all of us these faculties access the collective consciousness- enable me to be way more effective in my expertise than any Dr. will ever be. (unless he/she does the same ofcourse).
It is my experience that our world, and more so our educational system is a ‘’dinosaur’’, based on an old economy of competition and economic warfare ; where those with the most titles and diplomas get the biggest bones.
The new economy and world paradigm is one based on co-operation, on appreciating talent and knowledge as a gift to be shared with all, and where merit is not dependent on (Dr.-) titles and so on.
I hope that you have the courage to take someone like me as an ‘’expert’’ on your show, someone who has as much, if not more experience and knowledge than the ‘’holy’’ Dr.’s .

Furthermore it is time to collectively celebrate intuitive knowledge, and honor those qualities in ourselves and each other. We need to abandon our obsession with ‘’that which can be proven’’. You do not need to prove oxygen, yet it is there. The same goes for all manner of extra sensory perception, pre-cognizance, premonitions, hunches, clairvoyance and so on.
I know that all that I have said is known to you and I feel you are deeply psychic and mystical. So, even though some of the Dr.’s in this world and your show have much to offer, please let us ‘’non- Dr.’s ‘’ share the limelight and share our knowledge with the rest of the world.



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