Would you (as a Parent) have a root canal procedure done by a dentist who had learned about root canal work by taking a few classes and workshops here and there?

I thought so!

So, why is it that, when it comes to Parenting and Education we make do with all kinds of less than excellent standards?

Let me start by saying that I greatly admire all those hard working professionals in the Educational Field, and that I have great respect for all you hard working Parents out there!

However, when it comes to the way our societies treat Parenting and Education, we have a problem. That is not a matter of my belief. It is a matter of observation and deduction.

The amount of troubled Families and Educational problems worldwide are completely disproportionate to all the knowledge and resources that are available.

Parenting and Education – Finlandparenting and education

We ought to be treating teachers with the highest possible respect. In Finland they have got it right; and yet despite the overwhelming evidence of how good and successful their Educational system is; the world refuses to change.

The teachers in Finland are selected from the best students of every subject. They are highly trained by the best professionals money can buy. Teachers in Finland then have the same status in society as Doctors and Lawyers!!

As a result, all data regarding students in Finland is way higher than anywhere in the world.

Students excel more; there are less education related issues and less behavioral problems. There is hardly any violence in the schools and colleges. The substance abuse among students is far less. The list goes on and on.

Teachers are relaxed, productive and happy. Hardly any stress. When you compare these data with most if not all other Western countries the differences are huge!parenting and education

There is more stress among school children, and at increasingly younger age. In addition, there is also more violence in schools and universities all over the world. There are alarming rates regarding drug abuse, behavioral problems, learning problems, teasing and harassing of fellow students, and so on.

Teachers worldwide are stressed and burnout rates among teachers are high. Teachers are underpaid, undervalued, and have more tasks and duties they are expected to perform.

Who’s Job is Parenting and Education?

The core underlying problem, in addition to the above, is that schools often expect parents to educate their children on various matters, and at the same time parents, expect the school to take care of the same subjects. Therein, obviously, is a problem.

Parents are understandably often very busy and have less and less time to spend teaching their children about life, not to mention the fact that the internet is hard to compete with at times.

Teachers are under increasing pressure to reach all kinds of targets thought up by zealous management teams and have less and less time to teach children about life. Teachers too have a hard time competing with the Internet.

Parenting and Education – Time for Change!

Parents from all walks of life and from all over the world tell me that my Book Oops! I wish I had known this before-The Parenting Handbook totally helps them prepare for and supports them in all aspects of their parenting.

As Educational Institutions, all we need to do, is to follow the good example of how Finland is doing it, and stop doing what is obviously not working very well.  You can read more on the education system in Finland here.

And last but not least, as a society, we need to start giving parenting and education more than lip service and make it our number one priority!

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Wishing you Happy Parenting!