Parenting of babies all starts with a beautiful innocent baby!

Oops! Suddenly, you’re the parent of a tiny being who is a complete mystery to you, someone for whom you feel so much love and on whom you have no grip whatsoever.

Welcome to the world of parenting of babies – to your new life as a parent.

Forget about all the parenting books, websites, and blogs that you have read so far. Forget all the well-meant advice given by your parents, grandparents, colleagues, and neighbors.

Your child has one message for you, and it goes as follows:

‘It’s between you and me now, buddy!’ In other words, ‘We are now both in unfamiliar territory,’ meaning that your child will be using you and your partner as guinea pigs and for target practice in developing his or her unique genetic and karmic package (or character, if you will).

Further, your child will mirror you to an extent that will be quite disconcerting and, of course, amusing and endearing, as well. He or she will mirror all that you are repressing (that is, all your unconscious behavior). These are the things you had long forgotten, including your own hidden childhood traumas and discomforts and all emotional matters that you manage to rationalize for yourself. Why? Because, for the baby, there is only the here and now – a world of feeling and eternal now.

Parenting of Babies through their eyes!

If babies could somehow communicate how the world looks and feels to them, and how they interact with the world, it might go something like this:

  • No thinking. No worrying. No insincere behavior. No faking. An ocean of bliss. (unless I am suffering from something physical like teething, indigestion or something emotional).
  • What I feel is what I feel, and that is what I share in my purest and most virtuous form.
  • And further, I sense and suffer all that you feel and/or suppress. I am who I am. No compromising (yet). I am either happy or unhappy, or I am in that delightful, pure now, where things simply are.
  • So there is no need for you to distract me or for you to entertain me. My cognitive abilities and my development will start up by themselves, because my brain is programmed to develop at lightning speed.

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