It’s not (only) about the toys. But more about this further on in the blog.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year; is what we all keep telling each other.

Interestingly the emphasis on both is on joy.

When I look back on the way most Christmases are spent in the west, I would observe that joy is often the one ingredient that is missing.

Parenting and Christmas!

Either you spend it racing back and forth in traffic jams between various families and friends, or you are less fortunate financially and you suffer because you cannot spend as much as the more wealthy people can, in a season that has become synonymous with excessive insane spending and gluttony.

Then New Year’s eve, which has become an ego maniacal display of who can spend most millions on fireworks while the homeless flock the streets down below.

And as for the new year which generally starts with a hangover, either from too much alcohol being consumed or from not having enough to eat, it will be filled equally with joy and misery as pain and pleasure go hand in hand and are parts of the same coin.

So, why wish one another merry Christmas and a happy new year?

Parenting and ChristmasMind you, I am all for celebrations, but I will only be comfortable lighting up a few hundred million dollars’ worth of fireworks if I know all the homeless and veterans are well taken care of first.

And as for happiness, let us be happy now and then we will be happy later on as well.


I much rather prefer to wish you a Peaceful Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

Why? Well wasn’t Jesus called Prince of Peace? And did he not show us the way to the ‘’peace that surpasses all understanding’’? He did!

So, let us be at peace this season.

And as for a healthy new year: Health is Wealth, without it much is lost!

So, let us have a healthy 2015!

As for the toys: the average child in the western so called civilized world has about 5.000 Dollars, let me repeat, five thousand dollars’ worth of unused toys in his or her room!!!!

I wish I were wrong.

This is horrifying, and indicative of a society gone wrong, because there are millions of children who have no toys at all.

So, when you give your child another toy, think twice, and more importantly encourage them to give away all their unused toys to children who have none. Parenting and Christmas could take on a whole new meaning!

This way it will truly be Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for all beings!

Not just for our own small limited circle.

I wish you happy and successful parenting this holiday season and in the New Year ahead of us!