On the subject of the influence of electromagnetic fields much has been written.

People are divided in both camps-believers and disbelievers.

As so often is the case this division is based on emotions and financial interests, not on knowledge and sound facts.

As this subject is crucial to our Parenting it deserves our attention.

First of all it is very important to realize that peace and/or lack of it does not help our Parenting. I have written clearly on the subject of the importance of peace for our well being and for the Success of our Parenting.

Now – related to this – it is a fact that electromagnetic radiation has an adverse effect on human beings: you and me!

Electromagnetic radiation- the energy coming off appliances is measurable and undeniable.

More and more people are reporting the adverse affects of certain devices. Research shows their complaints and symptoms are real.

The most compelling point of the harmful effect of certain devices comes from a group of Danish teenage school children.

Their school did not have wireless, and once wireless was recently installed the students started having all kinds of symptoms they had never had before: dizziness, increased stress, lack of concentration, hyperactivity, headaches, nausea, sleep disorders, digestive problems and so on.

Naturally, these kids sat down and analyzed the situation: no symptoms prior to a wireless school, all these symptoms after wifi was installed…

Mmmmm, easy conclusion, but let us test it to make sure, the latter being prompted mostly by adults who are too desensitized to feel anything and so called research paid by telecom companies saying nothing is wrong. (Remember all the reports in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s saying smoking was healthy!!- we just never learn…)

So, these smart girls (yes, it was a group of girls), set up an experiment: in one room a box with alfalfa sprouts with adequate conditions for sprouting and in another room the exact same thing but with a mobile phone with wifi on in the same room..

And then they waited…..well, the one wifi free room had a healthy 10 inches of germinated alfalfa sprouts…

parentingThe other box…..picture a photo of a box with rotting dead ungerminated seeds at the bottom..and you have the truth of what wifi does to a box of seeds.

Imagine then what wifi does to human cells? Understand the girl’s symptoms now?

Does the school still have wifi? No of course not, case closed.

The director of one of Europe’s largest cell phone companies has forbidden wifi throughout their corporate headquarters. Imagine, all on an old fashioned cable again. But he knows, as do all manufacturers of these devices how harmful they are!

In France parenting is easier because mobile phones are forbidden at school.

Now, this is about mobile phones, but it also applies to your laptop, desktop, tablet, and other wifi enabled devices in your home, such as for instance the thermostat.

Basically all these devices are creating massive amounts of dangerous and damaging radiation in our living and working environments. (The worst news is that earlier this year a group of Dutch pirates have developed a wifi 300 times more powerful than the existing one and just like drug dealers push their improved products so this new wifi has already been sold worldwide to all companies that use wifi in their products..) I shudder to think what the unhealthy affects of that will be if the current weak wifi is already so damaging.

But, you will say, what can we do? It is everywhere and you can’t stop progress.

Well, I wonder if this is progress? And yes you are right, our entire lives have been taken over by technology without any time to think about what we were – and are doing.

Parenting in the technology era!

So, since we have established that all this electromagnetic and wifi radiation affects our health negatively and causes stress, it is important to monitor this in your home, and if possible in your workplace.

Measures that you can take are: get a cable and hook up your main computer to a modem. At night switch OFF all your devices, and if you need them on, put them on airplane mode, alternately you can switch off the main modem at night.

Place cell phones far away from your head. Do not sleep with laptops, tablets and mobile phones in your bed.

Try to have a wifi free day every weekend, I know hard to break the addiction but very pleasant, relaxing and healthy!

I wish you happy and as stress less parenting as possible!