Parenting Experts!


I recently attended a wonderful Conference, related to Parenting and Life Skills. Many inspiring speakers made all the Participants aware of the need for Life Skills.

During my second talk I pointed out the Importance of the need for a new Educational Paradigm. Related to this, this blog is about Parenting Experts or the lack of them.

The old Educational Paradigm of Competition, Meeting the needs of the workplace, the Industrial Age, testing and so on, is obsolete.

What we have now is an Educational System that is schizophrenic at best. It is trying to adapt by being ‘’modern’’, tablets and computers everywhere, Teachers videotaping the children as early as Kindergarden, and yet frantic monitoring in pre school of academic performances , children being classified according to their ‘’abilities’’ massive drugs such as Ritalin being administered and so on.

Few schools are asking the Children what it is that they want to be doing and then proceeding to meet those ambitions and qualities.


Parenting is seemingly changing, in part due to the overkill of books, websites, shows and magazines on the subject of Parenting. This has brought about – to some extent – a new generation of Parents more conscious, or at least more informed about Parenting.

On the other hand, there is as much –if not more-Parental insecurity as before. This is mainly related to Parental confusion.

I mean what Parenting advice should you believe? Pick up your baby when it is crying or leave it? And it goes on and on.

Typically when Parents show up at my practice many of them say, I finally had to come for help and I waited too long because I thought I could manage on my own. End of quote. Now noble and understandable as that may be, its insane. First of all it is the most valuable/priceless aspect of your life. We rust to the garage when our car fails, rust to the dentist when our tooth hurts but hey when our baby hurts we wait it out and figure we can fix the problem. Helloooooo…..

Think about it! Of course I don’t tell them this because they are already freaked out by the problem and the stress it has caused; and they need understanding and clear support and empowerment which I of course give in heaps.

My point is that:


  1. It ought to be the most natural thing in the world to go and consult an expert in Parenting when problems arise.
  2. Parenting Training ought to be the most natural thing in the world to attend prior to becoming a Parent


As for the Parenting expert, I need to clarify that: Nowadays the world is filled with ‘’experts’’ on Parenting.

First of all the real experts are the ones who have delivered healthy non neurotic loving adults of their own! So, applause to all you Parents out there .

Secondly would you go and have a root canal with some mechanic having done a few weekend courses, a few months of some so called academy, and an online course in Root canal work? NO! So why do so many people go to ‘’experts ‘’ on Parenting who have no minimum ! of 4 year academic Training, a couple of years of Therapeutic Training and then years of experience in the field!? It continues to baffle and amaze me. Not that all this training guarantees a good expert on Parenting but chances are they know what they are talking about.


Speaking of which: Talk to your GRANDPARENTS! and aunts and uncles, chances are they are a rich source of experience and wisdom! Believe in your power and LOVE!


I wish you happy Parenting






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