I know that there is a lot to be said about Parenting and technology!

On many levels life has become easier, or seemingly easier with the advent of technology.

No more scrubbing all the laundry and hanging clothes out to dry, no more endless washing and drying of dishes, no more scrubbing of the floors on all fours. At least this applies for most if not all middle class and upper class families. The dishwasher, washing machine and dryer operate on full strength, often there is one or more people assisting with the household/chores, and there are all kinds of appliances making life easier.

But has it really become easier and less stressful?

It has become more comfortable on many levels, the dryer for instance is very convenient, and not to mention the dishwasher, and the car, and email, the convenience of ordering many things online and having them delivered. I love these advancements as much as the next person.

But all these devices make all kinds of stressful sounds, and they need to be operated and maintained, and charged and so on. Not to mention that for many people unpleasant invasion of their privacy through for instance the so called ‘’smart meters’’ as installed by some companies.

parentingFurthermore there is the ongoing discussion about the bizarre fact that all our communications, be it phone conversations, text messages, email, online social media postings, this blog, our skype conversations, all of these are recorded, monitored, listened to and used for selling us advertisements, and – in the most extreme scenario- if necessary, used against us in a court of law.

Is that freedom? Does that make life easier and less stressful? I do not know.

Parenting and Technology!

Related to Parenting, we are confronted with the 24/7 ongoing invasion of the sanctity of the family domain by the onslaught of text messages, email, calls, tweets, messages on whats – app, as well as ads on TV and online.

How to deal with it? I hear Parents who find it hard to be an authority on any matter because their children will quickly go online and find data that they can use against their parents.

I am all for equality, but is the above not going too far?

And besides, just because you read something online, does that make it true!?

Any idiot can post anything and have it read by many people and then suddenly people assume it is true….the proverbial power of the written word.

A lot of research is done by people who bend their discoveries to the advantage of the company or lobbyist paying for the research.

A lot of journalists are equally biased in their so called fact findings and articles.

So, how do we know that what we read online is true? Yet, most young children, and many teenagers and even larger amounts of adults assume what is online is mostly true, factual and accurate! So, as Parents we need to think about how we use the internet and the information found there.

George Orwell wrote a fascinating novel, in 1948 called ‘’1984’’.

In it he described many bizarre realities, many of them which have come true.

In the UK for instance there is now, similar to Russian censorship, a Ministry that determines whether something in the media is true or false.

Exactly as old George predicted…

parentingSo, there are many reasons for us to be critical as Parents. There is a need to educate ourselves and our children as to how to filter what comes in to the home.

I also strongly recommend the practice of making one day (or two for the braver onesJ), during the weekend a cell phone/email/internet free day. Why? I’m recommending this because all these devices have harmful radiation and equally importantly because all these devices inundate us, our families with outside information, which has been proven to be stressful. Furthermore, we all have our own intuition and/or our inner wisdom, which needs time and space to guide us in quiet, without the constant clamouring from the outside (digital) world.

I wish you peaceful Parenting!