Have you ever heard the phrase, my baby didn’t come with a parenting manual? People say it all the time!

Baby’s actually do come with a manual, it’s called, Oops, I wish I had known this before, The Parenting Handbook.

In addition to my humble guidebook, there are innumerable books on Parenting, and the baby section alone is filled with hundreds of books.

Why are there so many I always wonder? And, furthermore, if there are so many books, why are there so many Troubled Families worldwide? We are talking millions globally.

Does not make sense does it? We live in the Information era; there is an abundance of literature available for the last 30 years or so, and, depending on your web skills, nearly all of that is available in cyber space, much of it free.

So, no problem right?

Well, no, potentially big problems.


Well, we are trained for everything in life, yet for the most important task-Parenting- we have no formal training and your baby doesn’t come equipped with a parenting manual.

We are expected to make do with a smorgasbord of various schools of thought, methods, experts, well meaning family, nosy neighbors and so on.

Just like with a real smorgasbord, where the sheer variety and quantity of the food on the buffet is likely to give you indigestion so, also, will the variety and quantity of Parenting tips likely lead to another form of emotional and mental indigestion.

This indigestion in turn leads to confusion, fatigue, doubt, anxiety, and often it leads to Parental dysfunction.

There is no judgement here on my part: I am merely pointing out that there are too many Parents out there who are suffering from a lack of clarity, purpose and direction.parenting manual

I totally get that. The internet and television shows keep feeding us new bits of information and unless you are a well grounded person who has clear ideas on Parenting you are at risk.

Many Parents nonetheless get by fairly or very well.

How is that? How do they do it!

Well, it turns out that many Parents who find themselves as loving tough conscious Parents have a clear inner sense of what matters.

Many report to listen to their gut feelings. Others say that they (also) have a strong intuition, or hunches that make them make the right decisions.

Finally, a Parenting Manual you can trust!

And many Parents report that they love my guidebook, Oops, The Parenting Handbook.  It becomes their parenting manual.

They find that it connects them in a conscious way to the knowledge they already have about Parenting.

Parents feel that they are supported in learning to trust their intuition. They find out that even though their busy chattering minds tend to obliterate their gut feeling or instinct that they are actually always right when they do listen to this quiet inner voice.

So, I look forward to a new generation of Children, a new generation of Parents to be: Parents who trust themselves, Parents who do have clarity of purpose, Parents who have read, and who are reading my Oops parenting manual, I wish I had known this before.

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I wish you Happy Successful Parenting!