There is so much to be said on the topic of Parenting and social media.

The number one point I make in my book is: MONITOR! MONITOR AND MONITOR!

With that I mean monitor your child’s activities on all social media platforms.

Why,  some Parents ask? Or ‘’no way’’ many Parents tell me, why should I, or ‘’I don’t want to be a policeman.’’

Why is it so important to monitor social media for our children?

The worldwide statistics of children being lured into paedophile networks or into the web of so called lover boys is made possible to a very large extent by social media.

Fact. (Not to mention all the online bullying that takes place all over the world).

Another fact:  are extremely active on all social media and on the constant lookout for new innocent victims!

Fact: all too often young vulnerable children and/or teenagers fall in love with a cute boy/girl online, only all too often to find out they have been having intimate/sexual exchanges with paedophile’s who are now in the possession of naked pictures and/or video’s of your child! At which point the blackmailing starts!social media

Well you might argue, I am a positive person and do not want to put any negative energy into these realities, and besides, the playground, shops, parking lots and the street in general are equally dangerous.

True, you are right, but the internet is a proven trap and recruiting ground so please, for the sake of your children and teenagers, monitor their online activities, until they are older and/or responsible enough to defend themselves.

Movies like Prisoners (2013), Taken (with Liam Neeson), and the recent The Captive (2014) are compelling examples of how horrifyingly well organized and well established most paedophile networks are. There is a made to order network that kidnaps children on demand. I know, it turns my stomach as well, but this is a reality, and it is one, all Parents of course want to avoid at all costs.

This does not mean becoming paranoid, but it does mean that we must be vigilant, on guard and regrettably warn our children that strangers are not to be trusted.

Let your kids know you will protect them no matter what!

It also means that it is my opinion that you must explain to young children that if anyone (and that includes other family members as they are all too often perpetrators of sexual crimes) ever tells them they are not allowed to tell something because that will either have dire consequences for themselves and/or their parents/siblings, that they must always tell their Parent(s) everything! That you will always protect them no matter what.

The latter is so important because one reason paedophile monsters so often get away with their despicable and criminal deeds is that they manage to get the children to become so afraid for the well- being of their Parents and/or siblings that they never say anything.

Related to this it is of course very important to always be on the lookout for tell-tale signs. There are many websites online that can provide lists for this, so I will not go into that now.

One more important proverbial ounce of prevention is this:

Cultivate an open culture at home about sexuality.

Be as natural as possible about your body, that of your child, and the sexual functions. Of course your language and choice of words need to be age appropriate.

In addition to the above, explain that the sexual act is one that belongs in a loving setting, and is voluntary. Any act involving coercion and/or aggression is unnatural and should be avoided, and running away, and any acts of self defence are always permitted.

The latter is especially important for teenagers and even adults, as all too often victims become paralyzed by fear whereas if they are already in the hands of paedophile’s /rapists their lives are potentially as good as over to begin with!

So fight is my advice to all! Your life may depend on it.

Having said all of this about this horrible topic, I pray for you and your child’s well being and safety, now and for ever more.

Happy Parenting!

For more information check out other websites on internet safety 101!