Making choices

There are plenty of examples of children and even of whole generations
that have been raised by authoritarian and/or permissive parenting.
They illustrate all too well what the far-reaching consequences of
parenting are.
Take, for instance, the emotional trauma of so many of the previous
generations that were raised by strict parents who would spare no physical
abuse. Or the often weak-willed and misguided results of children raised
by permissive laissez-faire parents who thought everything was okay and
who said no to nothing.

These two parenting styles regretfully lead to all kinds of undesirable
behaviour, and even to undesirable personalities.
In reaction to the often too-strict parenting of the last centuries,
many parents of the last 40 years or so turned to a too permissive style
of parenting.
For instance, when researching criminals and how they were
brought up, in almost all cases, there were one or more authoritarian
parents or parental figures. Among many drug addicts, the parents or
parental figures were often found to be very permissive and/or violent
at times.

Many parents still believe that permissive parenting has no drawbacks.
They couldn’t be more wrong (http:// www.fountainmagazine.com/
Issue/detail/Parenting-Styles-How-They-Affect-Children). Research
and experience show us that permissive parenting leads to many serious
problems, and therefore yields unhappy children and adults.
Authoritative parenting leads to children with those qualities that
almost all parents wish to see. These are honest, virtuous children
who are full of self-confidence and who trust their inner prompting
and follow their hearts. They are open children who know how to
find a good balance between spontaneity, enjoying themselves freely
and openly, and being fun and respectful with other children, while
respecting their integrity.

As parents, if we wish to bring our parenting to a happy end, we will
need to seriously think about the above-mentioned aspects of parenting.
We will need to ask ourselves, will my parenting result in what I wish to
see in my child? This implies that we will need to evaluate our parenting
styles honestly and critically in order to determine if they are effective.




Parenting is all about Choices.











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