Many Parenting issues are about time and money, either too much of one, too little of the other, or lack of both.

Most Parents nowadays are always busy.

Most families are almost always busy.

That’s because we allow our lives to be dominated and determined by what popular culture and so called social media tell us is normal and acceptable and even necessary!

So we have really lost our way!

Another problem is that most of us Parents try and compensate our lack of time and interest with too many toys and other consumer goods.

Much as we all like to think that kids just love it, we are wrong! Kids are greedy unless they unlearn their greed, and kids much would rather have your time than toys that quickly lose their attraction.

As I wrote previously in a blog, the average child in the west has $5,000 dollars (yes five thousand dollars!) worth of UNNUSED toys it their room!


Well, because we feel guilty and pressured and so compensate by shopping ourselves and our kids into oblivion.

It is the most socially accepted manifestation of madness, and a poignant mirror of our sad times.

In so called third world countries the majority of the children will never even own one single toy and have to resort to fabricating something from junk or garbage.

Parenting Tip on the Internet and kids!

Our children claim to be savvy world citizens due to the internet but really they are not, if they were, they would behave differently, don’t you think? If anything, the internet is making them arrogant and giving them a false sense of intelligence and knowledge.

The end of Education is Character

And yes there are many inspiring examples all over the world of wonderful children and teenagers who shine by the amount of good and selfless deeds they do, and how creative they are, but sadly, they are a minority.

And it is the Parents who are responsible!

So..My Parenting tips and advice are:

  • Spend more time with children!
  • Stop spoiling them!
  • Teach them the value of money and how to make it, instead of how to spend it!
  • Be good examples of selflessness!
  • Be inspiring!
  • Stop feeling so guilty!

And start spending more time giving away that which you do not need.

All of the above is guaranteed to make both you and your children feel good!

I wish you happy Parenting.