Many times as a Parent you feel the need to go looking for parenting tips.

If only to get some reassurance: yes, I am not alone, yes all moms go ballistic when they have not slept for several nights and their partner wants sex instead of just holding you, yes it is natural for me as a dad to cringe at the thought of my daughter dating someone!

Parenting can be tough! Okay, I know, there are plenty of Parents who feel it is a breeze. I have heard Parents get angry with me at my suggesting that there is a need for Parental support!


There are Parents out there who feel it is a walk in the park.

No problems conceiving, no problems during pregnancy, no problems giving birth, no cry-baby, no feeding problems, no sleeping problems, no kindergarten problems, no school problems, no potty problems, no bed wetting, no teenage problems, no problems with drugs and alcohol, no problems with sexuality, no problems with college and then probably happily married as an adult!

Parents of the above category have no idea how foreign and incredible the above will sound to many Parents, and have probably never googled ‘’ (top) Parenting tips’’.

Because their reality as a Parent is pretty much as follows:

Who Needs Parenting Tips?

Getting pregnant was not easy or was not planned! Pregnancy! Sick and nauseous most of the time, super painful breasts, leaking nipples, vomiting all over the place, binging stuff you would never dream of eating! Problems sleeping, no desire for sex or incessant desire for sex; a terrible birth process, massive labour pains so bad you are sure that you are about to die, a caesarean or a torn vagina, both needing stitching and leaving scars..

Sleepless nights, a screaming baby, painful breastfeeding, a grumpy partner, arguments about sex, arguments about getting up or letting the baby sleep at night, problems with feeding, problems as a toddler, a baby with temper tantrums, people yelling at you in public for yelling at your baby when it is having its umpteenth tantrum in public, preferably at the supermarket aisle or check out, problems at kindergarten, problems at school, bedwetting, problems with potty training, massive problems at school, even worse problems as a teenager, and yes, drugs and alcohol and premature sex, and yes problems with getting a job, problems with their partner, possibly unwanted pregnancy, abuse, juvie, and so on.

For this latter group, and for all other Parents who at times, experience some mild Parental insecurity or for those Parents who are smart enough to realize that taking care of business, by being up to date on (my) Parenting tips, and wanting to invest in prevention so as to have their Parenting become the glorious endeavour that they want and need it to be, I say:

Yes! Read my parenting tips, read my blogs, buy my books, they will help you be the best Parent that you need and want to be:

And..I Believe in YOU! Of course you can do this, but like with all matters, and especially with the very important matter of Good Parenting:

A Good Preparation is half the journey!

I wish you happy Parenting!