It is my professional and personal opinion that these current times, and the last few decades are tough circumstances to raise children in.

Why then? You might ask? Is it not the best of times?

All wisdom seems to be available online, science pushing back old boundaries, choices in all areas of Parenting, and so on,

Well…..not really. As the famous writer Charles Dickens said, “They were the best of the times, and they were the worst of times”.

As parents we have to contend with times, circumstances and technologies that have dramatically changed our lives.

Whereas before changes might take many decades, we now witness a society so obsessed with change and technological growth that what was new last week, will be obsolete within a year.

Furthermore we are flooded with so called news and information 24/7, through numerous media outlets. Nothing seems real or permanent.

So called experts, depending on who pays or sponsors them and depending on their scientific and/or religious background, offer varying views and advice on Parenting.

Then there are countless websites, groups, books and television shows on the topic of Parenting.parenting

Sounds confusing? Well, of course it is!

We are also conditioned to think and believe that something must be both expensive and/or complicated to be worthwhile. That is not the case.

Parenting Methods!

My Parenting model Love and Law for instance is freely available in my book, Oops The Parenting Handbook and it is very simple. Practicing and applying it however are another matter. It requires that you work on yourself, and that you objectively and dispassionately analyze your life and Parenting.

Countless Parents all over the world and from all walks of life report that when they start to apply my method and system, their Parenting changes dramatically for the better.

If their Parenting is already good, it becomes even greater by simplifying their lives with my Parenting methodology.

Why is this so important?

In the event that your Parenting hits some turbulence, it is my experience as well as that of countless other experts, that things can go spinning out of control very rapidly, simply because we are not equipped to deal with serious Parenting problems. This is the result of the fact that we really are not very conscious of who we are and/or what we are doing. We think we are but it is my experience that most of us are on auto-pilot and as my good friend Dr. Jose Gomez points out when it comes to forces that influence our behavior in for instance marriage, most of this is unconscious programing. The same applies to our Parenting: mostly unconscious behavior strongly influenced by the way our own Parent(s), caretakers and teachers treated us.



Use Dr. Jose Gomez’s excellent analysis/Driver’s system and find out what is driving your behavior! In order to be effective, we need to be conscious of what drives us, what our goals are; if we are behaving in line with our Parenting goals and what methods and steps we need to take to be successful!

Thus prepared, informed and grounded, we are conscious of our self, our partner (unless you are a single parent of course), and of our child (ren). We are then loving and strong enough to deal with any and all potential Parenting challenges, and are able to make this glorious task a bright success!

I support all you wonderful Parents out there wholeheartedly in your bold endeavour!