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Erik R Robertson, with his extensive experience and expertise in counseling, offers practical, easy to follow solutions to help parents bond with their children better in a simple, pleasurable, yet rewarding manner. His system of using warm as well as strong guidance will help both families in crisis and families who want to avoid troubles. He brings practical knowledge for new age parents in the form of amusing anecdotes, Action Plans, and Points to Ponder. Thus, an immensely readable book is also a workbook, a toolkit, that will help all parents understand the principles of raising happy children into confident adults, who know how to live in and develop positive relationships with those around them.
DR. ROMA KUMAR, MBBS, MA, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Ganga Ram Hospital; Founder Saksham, psycho-educational services for children with special needs
Erik R. Robertson’s ¡Ooops! a Toolkit for Parents is a refreshingly different, practical parenting toolkit from infancy to adolescence, with a baseline of values and a touch of spirituality, in just over a 100 pages! Rather than providing a pure discourse in psychology, Robertson jogs up what we already knew ‘intuitively’ as caregivers but was hidden under layers of cultural conditioning. He tries to brush off these layers to tell us – hey! Trust yourself, and pass that trust to your children. With you ‘love’ and ‘law’, they’ll do just fine.
V.K. PARSAI, Family Psychotherapist, Member Executive Body of the Indian Association for Family Therapy
I met the author by chance on a retreat in Sedona. I flipped through his book and was immediately impressed! As a mother of 7, I can appreciate the information he presents in an easy-to-read, no- nonsense format. I will be including his book in the hand out material of all my child birth education classes. A+ book!
Anonymous, Amazon Review
As a parent, I can highly recommend this book as it offers guidance, which has very obviously been well thought about and one can also detect, that a lot of love and care have gone into researching this extremely important subject matter. Our children are our future, therefore it is extremely important that we raise them and teach them with as much informed knowledge that we can possibly gather. This very readable and educative book does just that. Many grateful thanks to Erik Robertson for his work.
Anonymous, Amazon Review
I had the pleasure of reading “oops the parenting handbook”!  This is a must read for every new parent coming home with their new bundle of joy.  I used to joke with friends and family about parenting my now adult children, “let me go check my manual” I would say! I had no manual!  Most parents are left to just wing-it on gut instinct when it comes to parenting.  I wish I would have had this wonderful book that Erik Roberson so brilliantly has written.  I highly recommend it to all people who are parenting kids!
Julie Musial, Wisconsin, USA
Being a Pediatrician for 25 years, and an author of three parenting books, Oops came as a surprise. Erik writes with tremendous clarity and purpose.  He’s got his basics on parenting bang on. What makes Oops different from many other parenting books that I have read, is that the underlying matrix of Oops is spirituality, and is based on the fundamental and simple human values of honesty, openness, trust, commitment to children and family, and a genuine desire to better the future course of humanity, by bringing up a better, stronger and well balanced breed of children. Oops holds the seeds for the future of a peaceful and harmonious human existence. I feel that every man and woman who wishes to be a parent should read and understand this book much before he has children, so that the tools and ideas are already in place, when the baby arrives. I wish Erik and his book all the very best and am hoping to see it on the bestseller list soon.
Dr. P. V. VAIDYANATHAN. M. D, Pediatrician and Author, Mumbai, India
Your book came to me when I needed it the most. It taught me how to deal with teenagers – something which no other book explains as beautifully and as easily. Thank you for bringing my children back to me.
And they lived happily ever after…” This is a common feeling of hope…Hope to grow up as beloved persons. This book gives such practical tools for parenting… the base of our child-hood… in communication and more. A great small (120 pages) book Erik! Well done.
Ellen Rose Van Oord Van Westrenen
Erik Robertson’s big heart for the well-being of children is what you will feel during reading this wonderful book. And aren’t we all children? That’s how magnificent his heart IS! Please let yourself be inspired by the deep wisdom of this very well-educated, experienced, very conscious and loving man! Your life and that of your child(ren) will never be the same anymore! Oops is a MUST HAVE!
Jacqueline Lammerts, Counsellor, inspirator and author for all the children of the world.
Fantastic, Erik! I am so happy for you! But even more so, it may make people read more of your great common sense writing. Parents can benefit tremendously from your insights!
Amayra Hamilton