We are trained for almost everything in life, yet for the most important aspect of our life, Parenting, we have little or no training at all.

The future of our great nation depends on the quality of our Parenting today.

That means that our Parenting has, if you will, a moral aspect to it. With moral I do not, per se, mean moral in the religious sense of the word, but moral in the sense that the way we raise our children and grandchildren will determine how our society will become.

As Parents we love our children and we are therefore well equipped to raise them.

Our commitment generally flows naturally, and our unconditional love is all the fuel we need to accomplish our mission. Or so we believe, and wish.

All too often reality has its own plan. There are perhaps problems at birth, or problems in the first year of the baby, making one or both (if you are a couple) Parents irritable, nervous and frustrated. Before you know it all kinds of behavioural problems may arise.

Then what?

My extensive research and experience shows us that as Parents we tend to resort to whatever way we were raised. So for the most part our unconscious programming kicks in when the going gets tough.

Now, therein lies the problem, if it is unconscious behaviour, it may not be adequate behaviour for that specific situation.

Furthermore, what worked for us as children may not work for this generation.

When we react automatically to a situation that may frighten and/or perturb us, because we are worried about our child’s well-being or we may be afraid we are losing control, then it is very important to have a firm foundation that we can rely on.

That firm foundation is being a Conscious Parent.

It is being clear on what your Parenting goals are.

The Foundation is about having clarity of what values you want your Children to embody.

It is all about being conscious about what Parenting style you are using, and/or wish to use.

It is also about evaluating your own Parent’s and or Caretakers Parenting styles.

Having a firm Foundation as a Parent gives you self confidence, and also the necessary skills to make your Parenting all that you need and want your Parenting to be .

I have seen hundreds of thousands of Parents apply the tools that I have shared with them, and I have been fortunate to witness so many happy families, children, teenagers blossom and flourish.

Wishing you happy Parenting and it is my hope that you will allow Oops! The Parenting Handbook to support, inspire and empower you!