The power of Love is evident when it comes to our children!

Parenting is all about unconditional love for yourself and your children. This gives you the necessary self-confidence to achieve your Parenting goals and imbibes your children with the necessary self-confidence for their growth and evolution.

To realize that we are divine beings playing a human role in the drama of the world and not humans trying to be divine, the only obstacle is the mind, and there is only one way – connecting and loving God more and more. If parents truly love God, spiritually centered children with discipline and character will be the natural by-product.

Added to this is the responsibility to use the secret- “believe what you want to happen has happened”. As the parent’s thoughts play a defining role in a child’s future, parents must always look upon their children by their potentialities and not by the comparative analysis of their current performances. Management is really about making others realize their potential through creating appropriate circumstances. Management of the lives of children are no different.

Example of The Power of Love!The power of love

In this context, the story of Edison is a wonderful example of the power of love. When Edison was sent back home with a comment by the teacher that he is too dumb to learn, his mother said, “My Tommy is not a dumb – I will teach him myself”. The result of that positive perception was that the world got an Edison that changed the world for the better, forever. Thus parents must realize that God has given them two ears and one tongue, so as to listen more and advise less, to understand more and impose less!

Yet, some children bring forth their innate tendencies from past lives or gather them from other environments, and may hence exhibit behavior that challenges their inherent potentialities. To execute a

course correction, parents must put into practice knowledge of two fundamental concepts of life (1) The Karma theory – as you sow, so shall you reap. Hence, if the parents constantly sow the power of love and hope in the hearts of their children, it will eventually destroy the weeds of hate and despair (2) Treat children as children of God – be not possessive yet positive.

Both of the above examples show the power of love and will enable you as a Parent and it will enable your child.

Life and hence Parenting is really about self-confidence or the lack of it. All achievements, from getting up out of bed in the morning, going to school or work, starting a company, writing a book, overcoming a challenge, building something new, all aspects succeed or fail depending on the amount of self-confidence and faith of the person in question.

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