Parenting Training

In Life we are trained for just about everything, so how come that for THE single most important task: The Parenting of a new Generation of Children there is NO Training!?
You want to be a mailman (yes they still exist), you get trained for it. You want to ride a scooter, you get trained for it. You want to become a tour operator, you go to school for it.
You decide to work in the Hospitality Business you get extensive training.
Not to mention the years long training that certain Professionals have to go thorugh.
But hey as a scoiety we think it is totally okay if you become a Parent without any training whatsoever. Seriously!? Yes, there isn’t a country in the world that expects its Parents to get some Training before they embark on a crcial, fun, and often very difficult journey that usually lasts for at least 20 years.

Society is failing because we are not Training our Parents. Previous generations were able to heavily rely on their Parenting Training through an informal network of the community that they were part of it (it’s called Facebook nowadays and a pitifull substitute), as well as benefitting extensively from the wisdom and/or knwowledge of various grandparents, aunts and uncles. Sure, to some degree there are families that are able to actively involve the grandparents though the Parents themselves happily avail of their ‘’nanny services’’ and do not imbibe any of their Parenting wisdom. Then again there are many people from older generations who had dismall Parenting techniques and we keep on passing that on from one generation to the next. In that sense thank God, there are more and more Parents becoming aware of the sesitivities and strengths that are needed for good Parenting.


The worst part however is that many Parents have little or no self knowledge and therefor have no idea of their blind spots, and go around seriously believing that they are really great Parents! Whilst friends and acquantances cringe and fear to say anything for risk or being blasted in return about their faults.
Where does all this leave us? It is very very obvious:

There is a pressing need for mandatory Training for Parents to be!
When done respectfully, democratically and properly all Parents, and especially the Children, will benefit.
Now we see warped governments, drowning in bureaucracy, trying to express its concern for the well being of Children thorugh Child Care agencies, that all too often do more damage than good. (Obviously i respect the good work that is done to protect children).
Case in point; (one out of thosuands of horror stories worldwide): A Lovely teenage girl with relatively low IQ was sexually abused by her stepfather and finally beaten to death, whils 19 childcare agencies were ‘’involved’’ with the family! Let me repeat that: 19 Child Heath Care agencies were ‘’taking care of the situation’’ whilst she was being raped under their noses for years and finally murdered.

These agency workers involved should all be fired (and prohibited from working again) on the spot as far as i am concerned as they are partially responsible for the murder and therefore unfit for duty.
But, no,that does not happen, only Parents and Children suffer at the hands of power hungry bureaucrats.
Parenting Training can be of great value in this regard. The stepfather in question would have immediately be seen for the rotten apple that he is, and real monitoring could begin, and/or he could simply not be allowed to be involved in the raising/housekeeping of this poor girl.
What happens when i talk about mandatory Parenting training?

Most (good) Parents agree with me! To my surprise.

Most politicians, bureacrats and so called Professionals disagree (ha! They fear for their livelihood perhaps..)
So, will you please join me in supporting the need for Parenting Training.
It will enable us to raise a new wonderful generation of Conscious Children and Conscious Empowered Parents!


You can find more out about my parenting methodology in my book, Oops The Parenting Handbook.

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